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Our neighbors care deeply about water. Their wellbeing and livelihoods depend on clean surface water and on maintaining healthy fresh-water aquifers.

We share these concerns at NuVista and we focus intensely on using best practices to meet or exceed government and industry standards in sourcing water responsibly and to handle, store and dispose of produced water safely.

NuVista complies with provincial regulations for safe and responsible use of water in its natural gas drilling and operations. We subscribe to industry standards for water use in our operations as outlined in the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) Guiding Principles for Hydraulic Fracturing and the CAPP Hydraulic Fracturing Operating Practices (available on the CAPP Publications portal).

In meeting these expectations, all fracturing fluid additives used in our hydraulic fracturing programs are publicly disclosed on the fracture fluid chemistry disclosure website, NuVista actively invests time and money to find the best ways to reduce, reuse and recycle water and to integrate these practices into our day-to-day operations.

We like to take care of details like finding the best ways to transport water with as little disruption as possible for our neighbors. NuVista reduces truck traffic by transferring water through temporary surface water lines where feasible, resulting in fewer road safety hazards to workers and the public and by making a smaller environmental footprint through a reduction in vehicle air emissions. In 2016, NuVista transferred the equivalent of over 6,500 truckloads of water via temporary surface line for use in hydraulic fracturing. NuVista works to accommodate neighbors on the timing of well activities.

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