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Responsibility Overview


Keeping our priorities straight

At NuVista, we believe that natural gas has immense value both economically and environmentally. And we are committed to developing our valuable natural gas resource safely and responsibly.

Our Company policy states: “we believe that exemplary performance in the areas of environment, health and safety is essential to fulfilling our business goals and meeting the needs of our many stakeholders.”

That means we focus on earning the reputation of being a good neighbor in the communities where we operate. It also means we are also committed to meet or exceed environmental regulations and industry standards for protecting health, safety and the environment.

What is Corporate Responsibility?

Corporate responsibility can be defined as the methods corporations integrate social, environmental, and economic concerns into their values, culture, decision making, strategy and operations in a transparent and accountable manner and thereby establish better practices within the firm, create wealth and improve communities in which we operate.

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