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Health, Safety & Environment

HSE Policy

NuVista Energy Ltd. is committed to conducting its activities in a manner that protects the health and safety of its workers and the public while minimizing the Company’s impact on the environment.

We believe that exemplary performance in the areas of environment, health, and safety is essential to fulfilling our business goals and meeting the needs of our many stakeholders.

Personnel at every level of the organization, including contractors, are required to comply with all company HSE policies and applicable government regulations. Accountability for managing the safety of our operations is also shared by all personnel.

Our HSE Department has created an HSE Management Manual to assist in the implementation of this Policy. A Copy of this manual, an applicable Emergency Response Plan, and current regulations for the jurisdictions must be readily available at all times.

If a conflict ever arises between safety and production or costs, we will choose safety.

The Board of Directors at NuVista Energy Ltd. meet on a quarterly basis to ensure that the Company adheres to policies, procedures and industry practices that are designed to protect our employees and contractors, the public and the environment. The Company regularly assesses operations at the field level in an effort to identify opportunities to improve health, safety and environment performance.

HSE Practices

Health, Safety, and Environment are core values at NuVista and strong HSE practices are implemented at every level of the organization to ensure these values continually form a key part of our Company culture.

Company-wide commitment

As part of our responsibility to ensure a safe and healthy workplace and strong environmental performance, NuVista continuously tracks and evaluates key HSE statistics. We incorporate HSE statistics into annual corporate targets and into weekly and monthly HSE reviews at all levels of the Company including senior management. We also conduct scheduled internal audits on safety processes, maintain contractor management systems, and perform safety orientations for all workers on NuVista worksites.

NuVista recognizes that a safe working environment means zero injuries and we continue to strive towards this goal. NuVista has increased its focus on worksite safety, especially with third-party contractors since they are integral to our operations and represent the majority of recordable injuries on our worksites. In 2015, after recognizing a recent increase in the frequency of minor injuries and incidents, NuVista’s entire operational staff completed a three-day safety management course which stressed safety through leadership. Since this time, NuVista has continued to gather staff from all operational departments together annually to review and share information and ideas on key safety trends and incident prevention.

Recordable Injury Frequency (Employees & Contractors)


Public safety

Public safety is paramount to our operations. That’s why we engage directly with affected stakeholders in all areas of our operations. NuVista designs its HSE practices to ensure the well-being of the public. An example of our commitment to public safety is our track record of exceeding regulatory requirements by completing full-scale emergency response plan exercises annually in the Wapiti area. All landowner concerns brought to NuVista’s attention are fully investigated.

NuVista also participates in government-sponsored Synergy Group meetings for the Grande Prairie region. These meetings bring industry representatives together with multi-stakeholder groups which include landowners and local and provincial government officials.

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