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Environmental Reporting

The Environment

Canada and Alberta have among the most stringent regulatory requirements in the world; these ensure the responsible and transparent development of our hydrocarbon resources.

NuVista’s own environmental policies and reporting requirements meet or exceed federal and provincial standards. As an active member of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP), NuVista advocates for industry leadership in these areas. NuVista reports annual air emissions that meet reporting thresholds to Environment and Climate Change Canada via the National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI) and to Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) via the provincial greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting program. NPRI data is publically accessible on Environment Canada’s website and provincial GHG data is publically accessible on the AEP website. New Directive 60 guidelines cover how to handle fugitive emissions. NVA will be complying with D60.

The Government of Alberta has been introducing programs to help oil and gas producers reduce their carbon footprint in a timely manner. NuVista is currently pursuing several government-funded projects, with an aim to reduce our carbon footprint. In 2018, NuVista received Energy Efficiency Alberta incentive funding on three projects, which will eventually lead to significant methane emission reductions. Additionally, NuVista is currently in the process of collecting Carbon Offset Credits on a variety of projects. Nuvista is currently generating carbon offsets under the following Approved Protocols:

  • Waste Heat Recovery - We have installed equipment to capture exhaust heat from our normal operating processes that would have otherwise been lost. This energy is re-directed to aid processes taking place elsewhere at the facility. This significantly reduces our fuel gas consumption and CO2 emissions at these sites.  We have four of these units installed and operating, with three more to come in 2019.  The cost of each unit is approximately $400,000.
  • Engine Fuel Management and Vent Gas Capture - NuVista continuously seeks to reduce the carbon footprint at our wellsites and facilities. Several projects are underway to ensure vented methane is re-used or conserved where possible.
  • Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions from Pneumatic Devices - NuVista is in the process of evaluating all of our wellsites and facilities to assess opportunities to convert pneumatic devices from high-bleed to low or zero-bleed, with the aim of continuing to reduce our methane emissions.

Direct and Indirect GHG Emissions


Unplanned releases to air, water, and land are reported to the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) in accordance with the provincial regulations. NuVista also maintains strict reporting standards that include internal reporting and mitigation of all small unplanned releases that are smaller than provincial reporting thresholds – right down to a single litre.

NuVista uses bi-fuel technology at our drilling and completion operations where available.  This technology allows diesel engines to utilize cleaner burning natural gas thereby reducing both air emissions and fuel costs. In 2017, NuVista used 2,831 103m3 of natural gas in place of diesel while conducting our drilling and completion operations. 

All of our Alberta wells and facilities are regularly audited by the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) which publishes industry-wide reports and compliance data on its website.

Reportable Spills

* In 2015, one pipeline release of 366m3 (oil emulsion) occurred in NuVista’s non-core operations in Northwest Alberta. This release represented 97% of the corporate reportable release volume in 2015. This was a very rare event, has been fully investigated and cleaned up, and key steps have been taken to prevent recurrence.

NuVista internally tracks spills of any volume. Reportable spills within secondary containment are spills which exceed the 2m3 threshold, but are held within engineered structures, which is a second line of defence. These spills do not come into contact with the surrounding environment.

Reclamation and Remediation

The reclamation and remediation of our legacy operations is a major area of focus for NuVista. As Canadians and as Albertans, we believe it is our responsibility to ensure that the reclamation and remediation of our legacy assets is not put off for tomorrow. Dealing with legacy operations today requires real commitment and focus. Since 2011, NuVista has spent over $65 million on reclamation and remediation activities, including the proper abandonment of 390 wellbores, and the reclamation of 185 wellsites. A further 362 wellsites are the process of reclamation.

Abandonment and Reclamation

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