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Aboriginal Relations

As always, NuVista is committed to working closely with First Nations and Aboriginal peoples in the communities where we operate in order to build and maintain long term relationships built on mutual respect, trust and effective communication.  NuVista recognizes and respects the legal and constitutional rights possessed by Canada's Aboriginal peoples as well as the principles and objectives underlying the United Nation's Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, including the concept of Free, Prior, and Informed Consent.  These principles outline the way we do business and NuVista is committed to:

  • listening, consulting, and communicating with Aboriginal people about projects that may affect their rights and interests  in a proactive and timely manner, free of coercion and manipulation; and
  • always seeking mutual wins, including looking for practical ways to ensure Aboriginal peoples participate in and obtain the  benefits of oil and gas development when developments have the potential to impact upon legally and constitutionally protected rights.  These benefits include support for charitable community events and initiatives such as Youth-Elder conferences and school lunch programs; cultural preservation activities; provision of direct fee revenue where applicable; and educational, training, capacity building, and direct or contract employment opportunities.

These commitments guide us and mean that:

  • NuVista will engage in meaningful consultation with First Nations and Aboriginal peoples in those cases where activities take place on Reserve or other lands where Aboriginal peoples have a legally recognized ownership interest; and
  • NuVista will engage in forthright and open consultation on projects that may impact legally and constitutionally recognized rights and interests and actively seek to resolve and mitigate issues identified by  First Nations and Aboriginal peoples within the applicable regulatory frameworks of the jurisdictions where we operate.
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